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Rey Guillen

I’m a Lighting & Compositing Artist,
and This is My Story.

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The most important thing to know about me as it relates to my work is there are two great passions in my life, video games and movies. I’m lucky to say I have the good fortune of making both every day, and hopefully what I put out into the world inspires someone else the way I was inspired.

The rush of excitement for the next cool game release, or a trailer for a mind-blowing blockbuster, is a driving force in my work—and life—each and every day. I try to make the movies I want to see and the games my friends want to play. Our screens are a sacred place where we retreat to escape the stressors of daily life, so it’s a great privilege to help create those spaces.

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My approach to lighting is surgical; use as few lights possible to accomplish the task. A big part of lighting is knowing when not to use a light because darkness can often dramatize an object or scene with greater effect  than more lights.

Design Thinking

Lighting is like painting to me—while broad strokes are important to establish the overall content, the real craft lives in the details. How and when color or shadow is used can dramatically change how a viewer perceives your message. Lighting can draw you in and move you forward through a story, can establish continuity or break it, or can elicit emotions.

It’s All About Evoking An Emotion

Good lighting brings color and defines form. But, the best lighting demands an emotional response. Just like sound effects and scoring, skillful lighting can be wielded to dramatize otherwise overlooked ideas to create suspense, elation, or fear in the viewer. Knowing I have helped set the tone for a sense of dread or sorrow in the viewer is the best mark of a job well done and the highest of compliments.

On The big Screen

It started with a tv series, several films, a couple shorts which all lead to an Oscar nomination and an Annie for the team.

In-game Lighting

It’s not just about being pretty, it’s also about performance. It takes artistic and technical know-how to create compelling visuals.

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As systems advance with each generation, cinematics is where my experience in film merges with gaming.

Contact Me

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The Buzz

Don’t just take my word for it, the work I’ve been doing has consistently impressed my piers and critics—I even got a little buzz from my friends Oscar and Annie along the way. Below are a few mentions my work has received.

Game Spew

“Rory McIlroy PGA Tour offers a level of realism that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else right now.”

— Martin Blessing

XBox Enthusiast

“[G]orgeous…with brilliant smoke effects and great lighting.”

— Steve Clist

The Telegraph

“Frostbite 3 does flex its muscles. It looks great…with detailed course textures and lighting.”

— Tom Hoggins, Game Editor

My Mom

“Reynol is de bess at Lighting. Nobody do better!”

— Beatriz Guillen, Mom

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Let’s Talk

You’ve seen what I’ve got—I’m like a Unicorn, but better because I am real! Shoot me an email or use the form below, and let’s see how I can help your next project stand out from the crowd.

Check out my LinkedIn or download my resume (PDF, DOC)

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